Data Layer

Data Structuring

Boost your marketing strategies with reliable and unified data through a proper implementation of the Data Layer.

You will get more reliable and flexible data collection that will help you better store and understand the data generated from
your e-commerce.

All information about user actions such as page load, page view, scrolling, clicks, exit intent and more.

Additional information for your marketing needs and strategies, such as product identification, product price, cart value, etc.

The Data Layer is a data layer of your website that contains all the data generated by visitors who interact with your online store.

Implementación del data layer

Once the data layer is implemented, it is possible to consume the information collected about user behavior with specialized tools such as Google Tag Manager to send the data to other platforms.

By implementing the data layer, you can deepen your digital analytics processes and optimize strategies to increase your sales.

In addition, you will improve the user experience through personalization and marketing automations based on identifying actionable insights by better understanding your data.

Data layer ecommerce
Trabajo en equipo

A unified data layer empowers teams to make better decisions.

At Reech, we help our clients implement and leverage analytics tools to meet their business objectives.

Together with our team of experts , we devised a unique strategy to collect relevant data that you can trust.

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