Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Increase your positiong and retention.
Simple, scalable and profitable.

Our mailing service will help you scale your sales, build customer loyalty, promote retention and raise the average
ticket of your ecommerce.


Audits and Emailing

We help you plan a personalized strategy adapted to your email platform. A / B test, copywriting and content


Emailing Campaign Management

We help you create, implement and manage large-scale email campaigns to promote your e-commerce.


Email Marketing Reports

Constant measurement of the performance of your campaigns. We review, analyze and create strategies to improve results each month.


Dynamic Product Feed

We connect the catalog of your products to create more dynamic and personalized email campaigns based on interests and purchasing behaviors.

Success Stories

Bodega T

Bodega T has the highest sales flow for the mailing platform, represented by 30%. Thanks to the programmed campaigns and the flows that are carried out according to the behavior of the users, these help to show them what they are looking for, the last thing they saw and what they are likely to be interested in, persuading new sales and increasing the buyback.

Peru Pima

Loyalty and promotion strategies were applied for the main categories of the brand. And thanks to Automated Marketing, income was increasing on a monthly basis, from the first month of work (November 2020). Today, mailing campaigns represent more than 25% of business income.


Are your email marketing campaigns not producing
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