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Soluciones Digitales para Ecommerce

Data Solutions

Without a correct structuring of the data and a measurement plan, any advertising effort would be inefficient, since it could not be measured and therefore optimizing the campaigns would not be possible.

Data Structuring

The Google data layer allows us to send additional metadata to analytics platforms, giving you more detailed information to really understand shopping behaviors on the web.


Implementing tags will allow you to learn more about purchasing behaviors, funnel visualization, conversion rate optimization, and detailed product tracking.

Product Feed

One of the first steps after an ecommerce has been developed is to create an optimized product feed for each of the advertising platforms such as Facebok Ads and Google Ads.

Performance Solutions

We use our data-driven insights along with technology and creativity to run effective campaigns that make a real difference to your results.


We manage campaigns on social networks and search engines in order to bring quality traffic to your ecommerce to increase sales volume with relevant ads for your target audience.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful remarketing tool to connect with your customers and drive long-term conversions and accelerate brand growth.

Marketing Automation

We will be able to create automation events based on user behavior, filters for more detailed targeting, and deliver relevant personalized marketing experiences.

Analysis Solutions

Increase the profitability of the company through the consolidation, interpretation and visualization of intelligent data allowing company executives to make the best decisions.


We create tailored reports and dashboards, tied to your business goals, that inform critical marketing and sales decisions.

and Analysis

Smart data consolidation, interpretation and visualization. Superior analytics enable company executives to make the best decisions.


We monitor competitor prices to develop dynamic pricing strategies in real time based on purchasing behavior.

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